Why do you want a website?

Professional appearance
Your company will make a more professional impression if it has a website, then if there is just a Facebook page representing it.

Meet your customers’ expectations
People will expect any company to have a website. These days, having a website is just as normal as having a telephone number. Your customers will ask for it.

Lower the threshold for your customers to obtain more information
The site visitors will have a chance to see the your prices etc. without them having to ask you for it. If they have to call you to ask for that kind of information, that is an extra threshold to obtain that information. This is not only convenient for your customers, but also for you: you won't always have to be reachable by phone to share this information with your customers anymore.

Give the customer ideas
When the customer wants to purchase a product or service from you and the customer is using your website to see what it costs, the customer will be brought to ideas as to what else they could purchase from your company.

You can advertise your products or services
You might have been there: feeling annoyed and on the receiving end of a sales call, or in a store, being addressed by one of those money-driven salesmen in an electronics store. I think those people are repulsive. They make me want to get out of the store rather than buying anything. I want to be able to make a calm, informed decision, without being rushed or being influenced by someone else's opinion. If that information is on your website, your customers can click the links themselves to see the information, in their own time.

More concrete word-of-mouth advertisement
Word-of-mouth advertisement will be more concrete when you have a website. The name of your company will be forgotten faster than an image that represents your company, because people have a better memory for visual information. So when the word-of-mouth gets around, the existing customer can show your website to the new customer. This will make the new customer remember you when they need your product or service. It will be like the existing customer gives a mini presentation to the new customer, with your company in the spotlight!